Masonic Geometry

“All of my best thoughts were stolen by the Ancients”

THERE REALLY IS NO SUCH THING as "Masonic Geometry," if one were to search through the official literature of the Craft. However, in that Geometry is the ‘basis of Freemasonry,’ many writers, myself included, have taken up the pen to ‘speculate’ on some possible correlations as to why Geometry may be its ‘basis.’ This, too, covers a large body of Masonic and other research, articles, books, magazines, charts, art, and related media ranging from the scholarly, to the speculative, and to the fringes thereof.

In the pages of this website a selection of material is presented to reflect some of the interesting aspects of this Geometry and the numerous efforts to sort out the ‘meaning’ of it. Other aspects of this may also be found in our pages relating to Masonic History and Masonic Philosophy.

Below you will find selections categorized, where appropriate, into such topics as may be convenient for what may be uploaded from time to time. While our archives are large, alas our labor is significantly less, so check back periodically for new additions to our postings.

Masonic Geometry

Masonic Geometry Part I                  

A View of Contemplative Geometry in Freemasonry

Masonic Geometry Part II                  

Preston’s ‘Masonic’ Geometry

Masonic Geometry Part III                  

Fra Luca Pacioli, Leonardo DaVinci and Others . . .

Masonic Geometry Part IV                  

From a Point to a Line to a Superfices to a Solid

Masonic Geometry Part V                  

Receptions of a Mason

Square Roots of Squares and Cubes - SR of 1 through 14                  
The Solstices and Light                  
VI - Geometry                  

Other Masonic Geometry

Dew Drop Lecture                  
Proportional Relationship of Earth – something to ponder . . .                  

Freemasonry and a View of the Perennial World Philosophy

Book - Table of Contents                  
Chapter V - Preparation Room                  
I - Introduction                  

The Hidden Mysteries of Freemasonry

II - Morality, Symbology and Allegory                  
VI - Geometry                  
VII - The Five Senses and Perception                  
VIII - A ‘Final’ Visit to Boaz and Jachin                  

A Discussion of the Allegory of Pillars and Passing, Duality and Unity.

XI - A Visit to the Sixth Liberal Art - Astronomy                  

A Perspective from the Seed, the Point